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Are you tired of your customers complaining of buggy software?

Would you like to stop bugs from falling through the cracks?

Are you missing deadlines because there is a lack of communication between team members?

Do you find your team members working on low priority tasks instead of high priority tasks and as a result your projects are not completed on time?

Are you tired of wasting time looking through your inbox for emails related to your project?

Would you like to be able to check on the status of your tasks within seconds?

68% of projects either fail or are seriously challenged

24% of IT projects are failures cancelled before completion or delivered but not used

44% of IT projects are challenged finished late, over budget and/or with fewer than required features and functions. (Source: Accenture)

40% The challenges associated with multiple and poorly integrated communications channels is costing businesses 40% of their productive time (Source: Computer Weekly, March 3, 2009)

40% project managers say poor communication is the leading cause of IT project failures (Source: The BULL Survey, 1998)

Having a constant stream of issues or bugs is a fact of life for any project team. As a result, it can be difficult to keep track of them. Sorting through hundreds of emails is time consuming and may cause miscommunication and information loss. Bugs that are found but not tracked and fixed might slip through the cracks and be discovered by your clients after your product has been released. This may hurt your company reputation and cause business losses.

Not only is losing a bug or issue in a sea of emails a concern, but without a centralized place to store documents and attach files to issues, it might be difficult to reproduce or resolve the problem. When you report a bug without attaching screenshots or writing comments on a remarks board, it is difficult to understand what's causing the problem and how to fix it.

If there are 10 members on your team and each person spends 20 minutes of unnecessary time each day searching for files on your company's file server, this equates to 667 hours of wasted time each year for every 10 team members on this unnecessary task alone.

Performing tasks according to their priority ensures that the most important ones are completed first. In many cases, developers don't know the priority of each task and often spend more time on low priority tasks than high priority tasks. As a result, the project is not completed on time. Your team has no way of knowing the most important issues unless someone tells them. Urgent issues should always be addressed first-lower priority items can wait.

Project managers find it difficult to run a project according to schedule if they don't know at any given moment how many open issues there are, their priority, which bugs can be postponed until the next release and how long it takes for the bugs to be fixed.

Using Elementool Issue Tracking you can:

Gain better control over your development process

Satisfy your clients by delivering projects on time

Bolster the company's reputation by improving product quality

Increase profitability by developing faster with lower budgets

Make your employees happier by providing a clear work plan and improved communication

Elementool Issue Tracking allows you to create customized, in-depth reports to show how your milestones are performing and what issues they have. Share this with team members during meetings to fully understand how the overall team is performing. Who knows, maybe one of your colleagues can use your help.

Elementool Issue Tracking allows you to set the priority and severity of an issue, as well as assign it to team members. Effectively communicating the urgency of an issue and who will resolve it, is critical in keeping a project on track

Features like quick notifications, the ability to attach files, remark and history board, and customizable reports, ensures that no bug or information is lost.

Issue Tracking is super easy to set-up and use! You can set it up and start using it in minutes. No downloads or installations are required. It is web based and can be accessed by your employees from any location.

For the low cost of $89.99/month, you can have a robust Issue Tracking system that with UNLIMITED users! Buy now and take charge of your projects by clicking on the button on the right.

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